ForGive Mandala Meditation Stone


In connecting with this stone I see a beautiful landscape image of a valley with hills and mountains all around. Running down through the valley is this strong wildly flowing river that’s about 3′ wide. We are on one side where the path we’ve been on leads right up to the river’s edge. On the other side, the path continues into a bright and expansive part of the valley. All that stands in our way is a quick leap across the river that only we can do.

Because the river’s current is so strong we risk being carried away with it if we were to try to walk through it. Regardless of where we go, up or down the long river’s edge, our only way across is to leap. The decision is ours: stay and make the best of where we are or leap.

The key to this story is that there is nothing to forgive. Instead “leap” with the thought: Thank you ForGiving me this opportunity to have this experience.


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