Bright Shining Light for All to See Mandala Meditation Stone


In connecting with this stone I saw a little girl hiding under a large overturned picnic basket. The little girl timidly starts to lift up the basket as if to see if it’s safe to come out from underneath. By being in the basket she thinks she’s safe and yet by hiding she fails to see all the beauty and joy that surrounds and supports her.

Off to the left I see Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz coming towards the basket to let the girl know that it’s safe to come out. She says “We’ve all been waiting for you” and touches the basket with her wand.

With that the little girl jumps up, throwing the basket off her back and goes into a “standing tall, arms up in the air” cheerleading pose to which everyone around her applauds.

The key to this story is that people are waiting for what we have to offer. It’s time to let our Light shine. (The whole time writing this, I kept hearing Odetta’s most awesome and inspiring version of “This Little Light of Mine” – go have a listen. )

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