Chakra Meditation Stone Sets

Chakra Meditation Stone Sets in varying sizes

I created my Chakra Meditation Stone Sets to enhance your meditation practice, to help you better focus on balancing your body’s chakra system, and because I was guided to do so.

For Energy Workers, Massage Therapists, or Reiki Practitioners these sets help you assist your clients. You can place these stones on their respective body points giving you and your clients a more visceral energy experience.

About the Stones

All stones are hand-picked and then hand-painted in meditation. On one side is a hand-drawn charka symbol, on the other side is the mantra for that chakra.

They come in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large) and in one of two color systems:

red               red            –      I Am
orange        orange      –     I Feel
yellow         yellow       –     I Will
green           green        –     I Love
light blue    blue          –      I Speak
dark blue    violet        –      I See
violet           white        –      I Know

Ways to Use Them for Personal Use

Information coming shortly

Ways to Use Them for Session Work

Information coming shortly