Chakra Meditation Stone Sets

[Available Stone Sets]

Chakra Meditation Stone Sets in varying sizes

I created my Chakra Meditation Stone Sets to enhance your energy balancing practice, to help you better focus on aligning your body’s chakra system, and, most importantly, because I was guided to do so.

The stones are hand-picked and hand-painted in meditation. On one side is the appropriate hand-drawn charka symbol, on the other side is its affirmation and/or mantra.

I create these sets in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large), in one of two color systems, and either with the stones fully painted or partially painted to expose the stone itself.

red                      – base of spine           –   I Am / Läm
orange                – lower abdomen       –   I Feel / Väm
yellow                 – solar plexus             –   I Will / Räm
green                   – heart                          –   I Love / Yäm
blue                     – throat                        –   I Speak / Häm
violet or indigo  – third eye/forehead –   I See / Shäm
white or violet   – crown/top of head –   I Know / Om

For Energy Workers, Massage Therapists, or Reiki Practitioners these sets help you assist your clients. You can place these stones on their respective body points giving you and your clients a more visceral energy experience.

PLEASE NOTE: These stones can not be heated; heating them may damage the varnish and/or paint.

About my Chakra Meditation Stones

In meditation:

  • From my yard, I pick out stones that catch my eye
  • I arrange the stones as to how they want to be grouped in sets
  • With each set I connect with how they want to be painted
  • Using acrylic paints and gel paints I paint/draw the traditional chakra symbols on the front and their affirmations and/or mantras on the back
  • I coat them with multiple layers of artist quality liquid varnish to seal and protect them.
  • When done, I bless them with Reiki energy

How to Use the Chakra Stone Sets

  • Add it to your altar or sacred space.
  • Lie down, place each stone on its respective body 
area. Start with the Root (1) and move up, one at a
time. Sense the energy from that stone filling up that
chakra with its vibration while reciting its mantra.
  • For a quick chakra recharge, one at a time and in
order (1-7), touch each stone for one deep breath.
Sense that color vibration fill your entire body on the
inhale, then say the chakra’s mantra on the exhale.
  • If a particular part of your body is experiencing an 
issue, place the respective stone to that area, set an
intention for the stone to send healing energy to the spot,
as well as to receive any insight about the issue from the body.
For legs, use the Root stone or whatever feels best to you.
  • Hold the stones to help with emotional or thought issues.
    • Crown: Higher Self/Soul/Spirit
    • 3rd Eye: Focus/Intuition
    • Throat: Voice/lack of being heard
    • Heart: Heart/Self-Worth/Love
    • Solar Plexus: Will/Motivation/Confidence/Drive
    • Sacral: Creativity
    • Root: Grounding/Being Present
  • Experiment with different layouts of the stones:
    • In a row (1-7 or 7-1)
    • In a circle
    • In a “V” shape (up or down)
    • In groupings ( (123) (456) 7; (1357) (246); (12) (34) (56) 7;)