Mandala Meditation Stones

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About the Stones

In meditation:

  • I pick out the stones 
that catch my eye (most come from my yard)
  • I sit with each one to let them tell me its word, phrase or intention.
  • I receive a visual of how they want to look.
  • I then hand-paint them as I See them.
  • I coat them with multiple layers of liquid varnish to seal and protect them.
  • When done, I bless them with Reiki energy.

Primarily I use acrylic paints, paint/gel pens, and markers. I coat each stone with multiple coats of artist quality indoor/outdoor gloss varnish, giving them a smooth, shiny surface, a delight to behold and to hold.

Like us, they love to be held. The palm-sized stones comfortably fit between the palms of both hands making them a powerful addition to anyone’s meditation practice. The larger stones make for great additions to gardens, altars and other such places for you and yours to bask in their radiance.

How to Use the Meditation Stones

  • Add it to your altar or sacred space.
  • Carry it with you in your pocket or purse as a reminder of its message.
  • Cup it between the palms of your hands, meditate with it using its word or phrase as your area of focus. Or set your own intention as your meditation focus. Allow for any insights or guidance to come through.
  • Place it on one of your chakra points that could use some balancing.
  • Place it under your pillow or by your head as you sleep with the intention of receiving insights or guidance from the stone through your dreams.
  • Sit with the stone to let it tell you how it wants to be used; the answer could be different each time you check in.

After any of your stone meditations, journal about your experience and the information received. You may prefer to do a creative activity instead to commemorate the experience, such as draw, color, dance, garden, sing/play/write a song, go for a walk, bake a cake, or work on a project. Doing this helps transform the information from energy into form.


Maureen Frank
The Mandala Lady

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