Mandala Meditation Stones

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Mandala Meditation Stones - Front Views
Mandala Meditation Stones – Front View

As different rocks come into my view and capture my attention, I gather them together in batches. With each stone, I sit with it in meditation as it gives me the symbol, word, or phrase it wants to express. When I’m ready to paint them, I let each one give me a visual in my mind as to how it wants to be painted. To the best of my ability I follow through on their request.

Mandala Meditation Stones - Back View
Mandala Meditation Stones – Back View

Primarily I uses acrylic paints, paint/gel pens, and markers. I coat each stone with multiple coats of artist quality indoor/outdoor gloss varnish, giving them a smooth, shiny surface, a delight to behold and to hold.

Like us, they love to be held. The palm-sized stones comfortably fit between the palms of both hands making them a powerful addition to anyone’s meditation practice. The larger stones make for great additions to gardens, altars and other such places for you and yours to bask in their radiance.


Maureen Frank
The Mandala Lady


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