Up Mindfulness Stone

Co-Creating with Mother Nature:

“Up” reminds us to “look up” once in a while. Too often we narrow our focus to only that which is right in front of us, overlooking the bigger picture, the broader view, thus missing out on opportunities and perspectives awaiting our attention.

I’m reminded of a time when walking through downtown Portland, Oregon looking for inspirational ideas for future mandala designs. Many of the older buildings display intricate patterns and designs within the architecture that sadly is missing from our more modern structures.

I came across this beautifully adorned art deco styled building and began taking photos. A pedestrian, who had been walking while looking down at his cell phone, stopped to see what I was doing. When he saw the building, he said “Wow! I didn’t even know that was there.” To which I immediately and kindly replied, “well then look up once in a while.”

“Up” encourages us to do the same.

0.75″ x 1.25″ x 3/8″

Available in The Mandala Lady Etsy Shop

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