Root Chakra Meditation Stone

Co-Creating with Mother Nature:

Using the sanskrit symbol for the “Root Chakra”, I hand-painted this meditation stone using acrylics and gel pens. Instead of absolute precision I enjoy giving my stone paintings a more organic, natural look.

The “Root Chakra” stone symbolizes the base energy point in our bodies, located at the base of the spine: our foundation. The design symbolizes the four petal lotus representing the four functions of the psyche: mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego.

Its affirmation is “I am”.
The root color is red.
Its Sanskrit name is Muladhara.
Its mantra is “Läm”.

It helps us to ground ourselves to our human existence on Earth. When feeling scattered, focusing on, or meditating on this stone, helps us to center and align ourselves in this present moment, at this present location. Taking a pause to align with this stone’s energy, to do some deep conscious breathing, helps us to clear our heads and allows us to move forward in a more purposeful, grounded way.

2″ x 2″ x 3/4″

Available for purchase via my Etsy shop


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