Mind Mindfulness Stone

Available purchase via The Mandala Lady Etsy Shop

Co-Creating with Mother Nature:

“Mind” re-minds us to pay attention to our thoughts and where they take us. They pop into our head as if coming from a bubble machine. As they go by we unconsciously chose to latch onto one and then another and then another, ending up someplace completely different from where we started.

Left unchecked our thoughts behave like a runaway train, often times taking us on journeys deep into the land of fears, stress, and anxieties.

To helps us stay on track, we can use the “Mind” stone to regularly pay attention to our state of mind. What thoughts are holding our attention? What thoughts help us? What thoughts hurt us? Are we lost in space? Or are we focused on the situation at hand?

Mind our thoughts. Choose wisely the ones that serve us and release all the rest.

1.125″ x 1.25″ x 0.40″ (2.5 x 3 x 1 cm)

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