Desire Mandala Meditation Stone

“Desire” inspires us to tune into and align with what we truly desire from our heart’s point of view. Too often we align with what our brain or our ego thinks it “should” want. And because our culture tends to embrace the brain’s/ego’s view, we lose sight of what really matters to us.

To open to our heart’s desire, start noticing experiences with simple things. For instance what does it feel like to eat your favorite food, or listen to your favorite music, or do a favorite hobby? How does it make you feel? Where do you feel it? Tune into how it feels in the body. Chances are it energizes you or makes you feel more alive. That’s your heart talking.

Now apply it to bigger more important aspects of your life. When it doubt, if it makes your heart sing, decide to follow your heart. Your mind will follow through with what needs to happen to make your desires happen.

I used acrylic art and metallic paints, with gel pen details, to hand paint this stone.
2 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1″

Available via The Mandala Lady Etsy Shop

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